So for those of you who follow us on Facebook,  you already know the story behind these babies! For those who don't, here is long story short!  We started to foster these guys  for a local rescue when they were only about 5-6 days old. As they grew older, we realized there was no way we were giving them up! We had fallen in love and they were ours to keep. Foster failures! We turned our back porch into a sun room just for them!  They are  blood brothers. Felix= black. Oliver = solid orange tabby. Milo=orange tabby with white tummy, chin and paws. They  are something else! They definitely keep us busy but also quite entertained!  Check out their bios and how much they've grown below!! 



Hi, I’m Felix. I am definitely the trouble maker in the family. I mean, I can’t help it if I get bored with the toys these people provide me. Don’t they know sinks, artificial flowers, refrigerators, fireplaces, etc., are just so much more interesting. Let’s just say if it wasn’t for my humans, I’d be a frozen Felix by now.  My humans like to call me mini Jethro or Jethro junior. Jethro is my big brother. You can read about him in the “House Cats” section! That girl Rissa is my favorite human. We are definitely bonded. I love to give hugs and head butts. I love making biscuits on my blanket. I have to be sweet to make up for my badness!!! Well, I gotta go catch the red dot now! Bye!



Milo here! I am the biggest of my brothers! I am a big time love bug. I am not partial to any human. I love receiving love from them all. I purr very loud. I love love love drinking water. It’s like, ya know, I’m really starting to wonder if it’s really water in those bowls. I tend to be a slight scaredy cat sometimes. I enjoy cuddling. I make sure to position myself to where the humans cannot move.. I’m a tad more chill than my brothers. Sometimes I like to just lay on the human’s bed sprawled our while my brothers run around like maniacs. Then again, maybe I’m just more mature than them!! Well, time for my nap so sweet dreams!!



Hi there! I’m Oliver! They call me Ollie #2. Before our humans decided on our names, our bottles were numbered 1, 2 & 3 and I was number 2. Shhhh, don’t tell anybody but I took a bottle until I was THREE months old! But that’s a secret now. They just couldn’t tell this cute face no! I claim Momma G as my human. I like to groom her... It includes a little biting and pulling of her hair. I’m not too sure why she doesn’t like it though. Something about the word “ouch”? I don’t know. My hidden talent is emptying water bowls and splashing the water all over the room. I can be a real cuddlebug when I want to! Well, nice meeting you. Catch ya later!