In June of 2017, I saw a momma cat laying on the side of the street nursing her 4 baby kittens. She looked so unhealthy and was so skinny that you could see her ribs poking through her fur. I went and got her some kitten food and left it for her in a bowl. Every day I went back, and she was there waiting for me to bring her food. She slowly started to show me with head butts and sweet eyes that she appreciated me taking care of her. I established a relationship with this feral momma cat and her kittens. My daughter and I started feeding her and the kittens twice a day and even drove 45 minutes away on the weekends to make sure they were fed and had fresh water. Before we could get her fixed, she had another litter. After that litter of 6, we had her spayed and started catching and fixing all the others as soon as they were old enough. It wasn't an easy job! Even though we were feeding them and trying to socialize with them they were still very much feral. We succeeded in getting them all fixed but one of Mommy’s female kittens named Fury. Fury ended up with a litter of 5 herself! They lived under a broke down 18-wheeler which was their shelter. In time, the truck was sold and removed, and they had no protection from the outside elements. Not long after they lost their only shelter, construction began in the area. With the tearing down of the surrounding wooded area, wild raccoons started taking over the cat’s territory looking for food and water themselves. They were savages and made it very difficult to feed the cats on the end of the dead-end street. The raccoons started attacking the cats for their food. My girls and I fell in love with this family of cats over the past year, so I decided to take out a loan and build a garage at my home and rescue all the cats! With much blood, sweat, and tears we accomplished safely catching them all and bringing them to their new home “Fort Feline”. We now care for the cats daily in the Fort. We spend several hours a day feeding, cleaning, scooping litter and playing in addition to having full time jobs! Despite all the work it has been very rewarding watching the cats and kittens learn to trust us and love us in their time. In addition to the Fort Felines, we have one office cat we made a home for at our office. We also care daily for other feral cat communities that are in areas around our work. It is needless to say …. We love helping the helpless!!! 

- Gina, President