Munchie Munch! Momma Munch!

Munchie was dumped in one of our outside feral colonies. She was pregnant and had a litter of 3 kittens. We took Munchie and her babies in to the office. We couldn't leave them on the streets. When her babies were weaned, we took them home to foster them. Now, Munchie is a permanent office resident. She has her own office! We call it the master suite, lol. She has free roam of the office but chooses to stay in her suite! She is super sweet and makes biscuits all day long!!


Ole Smokes!

Smokey used to live in the fort. When we brought his brother, Thor, into the fort, Smokey began to act out. He was a bully and was determined to attack Thor. Thor would be too scared to come out and eat. We tried resolving but it turned into worse case scenario and Smokey had to go. He was moved to the office where he enjoys life now. He turned into a big lovebug and purrs really really loud. He loves office life! As you can see, he is a big time napper on his favorite gray chair.