About Us


Gina Leger - President

I am the single mom of 2 beautiful smart daughters. CEO of an ink and toner company by day. I have always had a huge love for pets as a child and to own and operate a rescue is certainly my dream come true. My passion and love for homeless cats is never ending!  I took out a personal loan to build the fort we call Fort Feline. If that’s not dedication, what is?!  I will continue to feed, love, provide medical treatment and TNR homeless cats whether feral or stray. What one person left for trash is another person’s treasure!


Marisa Leger - Vice President

Marisa, my oldest daughter, is my right hand!  She has been there since day one helping me feed and care for the cats in their outside habitat way before the Fort was built. She is a college graduate with a huge heart for animals! She does have her favorites; I must say LOL! She is there everyday helping me care for the Fort cats as well as being by my side when we trap for TNR.  We have made so many memories and had so many laughs throughout this whole Fort process! I have to say we are a great team and I am so thankful for her dedication!


Phil Hindelang - Project Manager

Phil is Marisa’s boyfriend. He works full time for an alarm and home automation company. He has been a huge blessing with making repairs and renovations in the Fort. Although myself and Marisa are very handy, we have to admit sometimes you just need a mans help!  Phil 100 percent supports Marisa’s love and passion for the rescue- what more can you ask for? He often visits the cats to offer play and socialization skills for them. We are so thankful for Phil and his handy man skills!!!


Faith Leger - Treasurer

Faith is my youngest daughter. She is entering her senior year of high school and is also a dual enrollment college student! She is super smart and loves education! She spent all her weekends traveling with me to feed and care for the cats when they still lived almost an hour away before their rescue.  Faith was in charge of trapping all of Fury’s five kittens and boy that was a task but she was successful the first try!!! Since her studies don’t allow her as much time to help in the Fort, she is in charge of fundraising! She has been a big help with selling Worlds Finest Chocolate for the Fort!


Deborah Lara - Secretary

Deborah, my mom, is a retired teacher and mother of two and grandmother of four! She is known as Mimi to most…. even the cats LOL! Mimi helps us out so much. She keeps up with cat dishes and washing linens, towels, and what not! She keeps an eye on our security cameras to ensure the safety of all our free roaming cats that live in Fort Feline!  Besides that, she has always been a huge emotional support to all of us throughout all the CATastrophes we have endured!