Before Fort Feline Rescue came about, we had three house cats and were already cat lovers! In October of 2013, we rescued Jethro and Meeko. They were only a day old and their mommy had been murdered.  We bottle fed them and raised them. It was a great experience for our family. It was our first time bottle feeding.In May of 2014, we took in their aunt, MooMoo. We believe she was about a year old at the time. She was supposed to be a TNR and recover in our home. Well recovering in our home turned into her being a permanent resident, lol! Learn about each of them below! 




AKA Baby Jet. Jethro is named after Agent Gibbs on the NCIS tv show.  Jethro is my baby boy. He is so sweet and affectionate. He loves to cuddle with his humom. He is also a troublemaker but even when he's in trouble, he's still cute! He can be wild at times! Especially late at night. He loves to run around the house like a maniac with ping pong balls. He is quite entertaining.  He is very slick and can be very sneaky. He likes to get in places he doesn't belong. His favorite place to catnap is in my closet. He has his own shelf of course.  He is quite spoiled but he deserves to be!



Although the whole family tends to and takes care of all the cats, Meeko's main humom, is our secretary, Deborah. (My grandma). Meeko is the complete opposite of Jethro when it comes to energy levels. While Jethro sprints around the house, Meeko is sleeping. He sleeps the whole day away! The only time Meeko really makes his presence known is when he needs something. Mainly, treats, running water or  grooming! When he sees his humom go towards the bathroom, he runs there meowing, ready to be groomed! When he was a baby, he was a cuddlebug but he seems to have outgrown that!



AKA Moody Moo.  She can be super affectionate and want to be in your lap and then in a blink of an eye, she wants to kill you! We also call her "short stuff" because well she's pretty short/petite.  Gina is her preferred human. When she leaves the house, MooMoo walks around crying  with a toy mouse in her mouth.. Why? Good question! Moo doesn't allow any schoolwork or office work on the kitchen island. She will sit on the papers, eat them and attack you if you try getting them back from her.  In spite  of her moodiness, can't help but love her sassy self!